Going Raw – Day Six

I had major digestive issues again today. I don’t think I can blame the greens, so now I am looking at either the nuts or the lemon. Yesterday was mostly sunflower seeds for protein, so I think I’ll try that again since I felt pretty good. On a positive note, there is no hunger and I haven’t had any weakness between meals. I would like to maintain my current weight, but lose inches around my waist. Belly fat is the fat most closely linked to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance happens when the cells become resistant to the influence of insulin, which is supposed to move sugar into the cell. This means that the sugar level goes up and then the insulin level rises. An increase in insulin means more fat is stored. So – my starting BMI (body mass index), measured on the first day of this diet was 20 (normal for my height is 19 to 24.5), but my waist:hip ratio was 0.92. A waist:hip ratio for women should be 0.80 or below. 0.92 puts me into the high risk category for chronic disease such as diabetes. Over time insulin resistance leads to diabetes, and I certainly want to prevent that. Tomorrow I will weigh and measure again and see if there are any changes yet. I am also trying to keep my exercise consistent with this diet, so that it won’t be too much of a factor at the end of the month. Here’s what I ate today:


Lettuce, blueberry and raspberry smoothie
soaked buckwheat, chia and hemp seeds, dates


Kale and almond butter chips


walnut pesto sauce
jicama fries (it sure made a lot, still from a few days ago)
lentil sprouts


tamari almonds

About naturopathathome

I recently made the change from naturopathic doctor to health consultant/coach and certified functional medicine practitioner who returned to her roots recently in beautiful Guelph, Ontario. My focus is on enjoying life and creating space for family, community and personal interests. I have a keen interest in nutrition, natural medicine and writing.

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