Going Raw – Day 13

Gourmet day! I picked up some new foods to try today while I was out shopping. I felt good today, except I have to take bananas off of my food list! I ate two today, each time my nose ran and now I have just a bit of a scratchy throat! The good thing about this diet is that I get immediate feedback from the food I eat. Well, they will go into the freezer, and I will use them up at a future time, maybe with all the bananas and nuts I can make someone a nice banana loaf sometime! New foods for me today were some chocolate kale chips from Dad’s organic, they were good, not too sweet. At the coop I picked up a few little packages of their special infused sea salts, I had bought these a couple of times for other people before, but decided to get some for us this time. Portabello saladAlso I had heard about coconut aminos for some time and that they could be substituted for soy sauce. I bought some today and tried them with my supper – they are very good and make an excellent, not as salty and higher in protein replacement! My stress level has gone down and my energy level has gone up. I feel very present and in the moment now, not in a fog and worrying so much about the future or thinking of the past. I can also get much more done in a day. Physically my little “muffin top” is slowly disappearing, and I have written before about how aches and pains are almost all gone. Here’s what I ate today:


Mix of hemp, sunflower seeds, date, vanilla and salt leftover from making sunflower-hemp milk


Salad from last night with brocolli sprouts, buckwheat groats and olives
Most of a bag of chocolate kale


Honeydew melon
Rest of the bag of chocolate kale


Portabello mushroom marinated in coconut aminos on a bed of sliced lettuce topped with organic red peppers, tomatoes and chives fresh from the garden, sprinkled with green chile infused sea salt (reads like a menu doesn’t it!)


About naturopathathome

I am a licensed naturopathic doctor and certified functional medicine practitioner practicing out of beautiful Regina, Saskatchewan. I have a keen interest in nutrition and learning about the latest and greatest advances in the field of naturopathic medicine! To find out more about my practice, you can check out www.wendynd.com.

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