Going Raw – Day 14

Two weeks into this raw food diet, and I have yet to have a normal day with digestion. Today was pretty bad, the raw oats at breakfast set me off. I ate lightly the rest of the day but made frequent trips to the bathroom and my intestines are still rumbling. I have never been a person to have much trouble this way, but now it feels like I have an irritated bowel. I also weighed myself today, and have lost another pound. I am now at my usual “normal weight” and have no wish to lose more. I think I have detoxed as much as I need or want to on this diet, and that it is time to start including some cooked food. I’ll continue to blog until the end of the month, and I will remain on a vegan diet until then. Here’s what I ate today:


Oat groats, soaked
hemp/sunflower seed milk
maple syrup


Salad from last night


coconut, sunflower seed, cocoa, date balls


cup of hot water with fresh grated ginger

About naturopathathome

I recently made the change from naturopathic doctor to health consultant/coach and certified functional medicine practitioner who returned to her roots recently in beautiful Guelph, Ontario. My focus is on enjoying life and creating space for family, community and personal interests. I have a keen interest in nutrition, natural medicine and writing.

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