Going Raw – Day 15

I should change the name to “Going nearly raw” now! I am integrating back some cooked foods into the diet. My reason is that I had gone beyond detox and into potentially harming my health with an exclusively raw food diet. I do plan to remain vegan and gluten free with a high raw content. I still felt tired today, but my digestion was pretty good. I really want to keep experiencing the improvement in energy I noticed on some days, and so I will be cautious with how and what I put back into my diet. I also let my salad sit out of the fridge for a few hours today, it was easier to digest when it was not so cold. Here’s what I ate today:


date, apple, coconut balls


orange lentil soup – carrots, lentils, organic veg. bouillon, celery, garlic, red pepper- nice to have something warm!
dehydrated flax crackers
avocado with coconut aminos


Salad from yesterday
Seasoned nori


Organic fruit-juice sweetened cornflakes with sunflower/hemp milk – they sure tasted good, but I felt a little bloated and snuffly after with some phlegm, guess I won’t eat anymore of these!


About naturopathathome

I am a licensed naturopathic doctor and certified functional medicine practitioner practicing out of beautiful Regina, Saskatchewan. I have a keen interest in nutrition and learning about the latest and greatest advances in the field of naturopathic medicine! To find out more about my practice, you can check out www.wendynd.com.

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