Going Raw – Day 21

My 50th birthday today! Celebrated with a delicious dinner my daughter made of pizza and chocolate cake – all vegan and very healthy! I was reflecting on the last few decades of my life today, and thinking about how I would like to spend the next. I am encouraged by the gains in energy I have made over the last few weeks, and would like to continue seeing those gains. I think the key areas for me are to stay off of sweet foods and large amounts of grain and to avoid those foods I have identified as sensitivities. Next month I am going to focus on maintaining a great diet and add in more consistent exercise, maybe I should blog about that too, since it keeps me on tract! I weighed and measured myself today, I have now lost a total of 6 lbs since May 1st, my BMI is 19, and my waist hip ratio has gone up to 0.80. Not sure why the waist hip ratio goes up a bit each week when I am losing weight, but a nutritionist friend suggested that it might have been a food intolerance reaction, (the corn chips I ate yesterday). My breathing is amazing now, I think I am sleeping much more soundly because my nose is so much clearer. This means I am more rested during the day. Here’s what I ate today – the pizza crust was Udi’s, the “cheese” was Daiya and the chocolate cake recipe (which contained a large beet), was from the “Whole Life Nutrition” cookbook.


Smoothie of spinach, apple, hemp and raw cacao


Purchased vegetable nori rolls


Pizza – GF crust, pea protien cheese, tomatos, parsley, peppers, garlic powder, tomato, tomato sauce
Chocolate cake – brown rice flour, tapioca flour, beet, agave, cocoa, vanilla, etc. (sorry can’t give you the recipe – it was really good though!)


Smoothie leftover from breakfast

50th birthday 002


About naturopathathome

I am a licensed naturopathic doctor and certified functional medicine practitioner practicing out of beautiful Regina, Saskatchewan. I have a keen interest in nutrition and learning about the latest and greatest advances in the field of naturopathic medicine! To find out more about my practice, you can check out www.wendynd.com.

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