Going Raw – Day 22

Well, my digestion is certainly fine again, but my energy is not as high as when I was totally raw. Do I have to choose between raw food and chronic diarrhea or cooked food and low energy?? I am eating well, I am avoiding known triggers, but again today there was some nasal congestion, I was snappy with my daughter, felt a little bloated and needed a nap after supper. I just don’t get it. I feel like I am returning to my semi-somnolent state again, and I don’t want to feel that way. I can exist feeling like that, but not live well. Maybe I will need to take hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes with each cooked meal after this month. Maybe my body just can’t digest even vegan cooked food well. I don’t know. Any wise words out there? Here’s what I ate today:


Fruit salad of mango, orange and apple
Rest of smoothie that I said I had as a snack last night, but didn’t


Large lettuce and spinach salad, yellow sweet pepper
Slice of vegan pizza
Slice of vegan chocolate cake


Lentil vegetable stew – beet greens, sweet potato, caramelized onion, Merlot infused sea salt, green lentils
Slice of gluten free bread with coconut oil
Slice of vegan chocolate cake


Balsamic vinegar nutritional yeast kale chips

OK, writing this out, I think I get it. Maybe too much grain, even gluten-free with the pizza crust, the bread and the cake. I bet that’s it. Tomorrow I will try a grain free day and report how that went.

About naturopathathome

I recently made the change from naturopathic doctor to health consultant/coach and certified functional medicine practitioner who returned to her roots recently in beautiful Guelph, Ontario. My focus is on enjoying life and creating space for family, community and personal interests. I have a keen interest in nutrition, natural medicine and writing.

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