Going Raw – Day 23

My post for yesterday is late. I felt really awful last night, bad headache and vomiting. Went to bed early. Up to then, yesterday was a pretty good day. Energy was moderately good, no nasal symptoms. I stayed away from all grains. About 8:30 pm I started with a mild headache. It felt like eyestrain, and as I had done a lot of reading yesterday, thought that I knew where it was coming from. It wasn’t relieved by closing my eyes, and the intensity built throughout the evening. Finally I crawled into bed, then emptied my stomach a couple of times, the headache disappeared and I could sleep. My daughter figured it out. She had eaten the same food I did yesterday, with one exception. I had a large bowl of kale chips after lunch, she ate only one. Now, these Kale chips are dehydrated, which means that a large bowl is like eating 1/2 a large bunch of fresh kale. Her theory made sense, since something dehydrated will expand to it’s normal size in water, or in this case my stomach. Lesson learned! here’s what I ate yesterday:


Chia pudding with mango


Stew from yesterday
Kale chips


Curry – cauliflower, yellow squash, garlic, pumpkin seeds



About naturopathathome

I recently made the change from naturopathic doctor to health consultant/coach and certified functional medicine practitioner who returned to her roots recently in beautiful Guelph, Ontario. My focus is on enjoying life and creating space for family, community and personal interests. I have a keen interest in nutrition, natural medicine and writing.

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