Anti-depressants don’t work well for older patients

This is an interesting article. I read it and thought to myself, hmmm… most of our serotonin, (the main neurotransmitter that is affected by anti-depressants), is produced in the gut.We need healthy gut bacteria to produce serotonin. Older people have less beneficial bacteria than younger people. Is it possible that depression in older people might often be gut and bacteria related? Maybe the focus should be on increasing good bacteria with this age group rather than medicating them? Add to that that the organs of detoxification in older people, (liver, kidney,), don’t function as well and have a harder time with medication clearance. Add to that that older people often live alone and are less motivated to eat well, and usually have a reduced income. Seems like it might make more sense to look at the person’t diet, teach them how to ferment food and give a nutritional subsidy if necessary.


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