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8 week fitness challenge – Days 11 through 16

This week we took off Sunday, Wednesday and today. Friday we did lots of walking and some swimming instead of the workouts. So Monday, Tuesday and Thursday were workout days with the program. I am finding my endurance improving. I think we have done well to be entering our third week of consistent workouts. Some of the video workouts I can keep up to fine, but I am not able to do a workout with too many burpees or jumping jacks. I think I dislike burpees more than jumping jacks now! Anyway, it is fun working out with my daughter and she will choose one of these workouts over a walk any day.

8 week fitness challenge – Days 8, 9 and 10

We are well into the second week of our fitness program now! Worked out on all three days, kept it to a 30 to 45 minute workout each time. When I have reached muscle exhaustion, or am starting to feel a little sick, I either ramp down the intensity, or shorten the workout. I was happy to find that the low-impact workout today didn’t really seem very hard, and that I was able to finish all three rounds. We are both finding the stretching at the end of the workouts to be very nice, and I think I am noticing some gains in strength and endurance!

8 week fitness challenge – Days 5, 6 and 7

We worked out with the tapes on days 5 and 6, a half hour seems to be about all we can manage. Yesterday, though, I started feeling a little more energized after working out, instead of just tired. Maybe we are starting to get a little fit! Took a rest day today, but I was out pulling weeds in the yard, and we went for a short hike as well. I am trying to listen to my body and not overdo anything. We did well though, 5 workouts in 7 days. More workouts than I have done in quite awhile! I must say that I detest jumping jacks, though. I won’t specify why, I think there may be other middle aged female readers who can relate!! Anyway, I sometimes do a few, then just jog in place for the rest. The variety of exercises on the tapes is really great though.

8 week fitness challenge – Days 3 and 4

Yesterday we worked out for 1/2 hour. It was supposed to be for an hour, but it started to storm, so we turned the computer off. Truthfully, it was long enough for me! My muscles were protesting! Today we had a rest day. Except that I cleaned the eaves-troughs and was up and down the ladder multiple times. So far the videos are great for the variety of exercises offered.

8 week fitness challenge – Day 3

We did our first workout today. I really like these video workouts, just when I am getting tired and ask “are we almost done?” the guy in the video says, “almost done!”. So cool. Like a real personal trainer. This was supposed to be an easy workout today. It wasn’t that easy, but we got through it. My daughter is following along too, which I am very glad to see. I am happy we are doing some activity together rather than just the usual more sedentary activities. The only thing about this program is that I think they have workouts listed for every day. I am not sure how that will go.

We might take the odd day off now and then and let our bodies recover. I guess if it is varied enough, then the same muscle groups might not get overused. There is also the option of taking a day off if you are doing another activity, such as bike-riding. Of course, that would mean getting my bike fixed first. Which means trying to figure out how to put the bike rack I bought a couple of years ago on the car since I forgot how and can’t find the directions. Life can get complicated sometimes! At least mine can…

8 week fitness challenge – Day 2

Last night we did the test portion of the fitness challenge. It was pretty exhausting for both of us, I slept 9 1/2 hours last night! Just shows me how very unfit we are… The first test was how fast we could run/walk a mile. I did this on the treadmill and with no incline I managed 17 minutes and 42 seconds. My thirteen year old did this as well, but kept telling me how very hard it was. She came in at 20 minutes 10 seconds. When I used the treadmill after her, I realized that she hadn’t adjusted the incline, so it was at 5, the maximum setting, the whole time! So I think she did pretty well considering she ran uphill the whole way!

Push-ups from the knee for me was 8, for my daughter 6. Squats for me – 30, daughter 50. Plank 20 sec for me, 1 minute 5 sec for her. I did 17 crunches, she did 10. My flexibility was poor at -9 inches, my daughter reached the tape, so her score was 0.

Our goal for this is not weight loss. In fact we are both a little underweight. We want to develop a habit of fitness, and grow stronger and in my daughter’s case – taller! For me, I want to prevent osteoporosis and the chronic health conditions that can creep up in middle age.

8 week fitness challenge – Day 1

I just returned from a couple of weeks in Ontario where we visited with family and friends. Sadly, while we were there, my mother had a stroke. She is recovering, but it caused me to give my own health a closer look. Can I improve my lifestyle to reduce my risk for stroke and heart disease? I can certainly influence my health in two areas. The first is nutrition. I do well with diet. I take supplements based on my Organix urine profile which shows exactly what nutrients the cell needs to function properly. I have also figured out, through experimentation, exactly what foods work best for my body.

The other area I can influence is exercise. I hate to confess this, since I am a naturopathic doctor and an advocate of health, but I hate exercise. There. I said it. I tell plenty of other people to exercise regularly, but I generally do not exercise. I like walking, I do physical things around the house such as gardening, housework etc, but I do not do a purposeful daily or even weekly workout program. This is not to say I don’t have good intentions. Currently I have at least eight books on exercise routines, seven videos, have joined a gym twice, own a treadmill, exercise ball, rebounder, various weights, tubes and skipping ropes and a yoga mat.
I want to work out regularly. I want to set a good example for my daughter. Teens who are physically active are much more likely to be healthy as adults. She will follow whatever I am doing, so I better lead well in this.

Today I came across a Facebook link for an eight week fat burning program. I like that this program is very cheap, I can do it from home and that it has great reviews. I ordered the round 1 program. Here is the link: . I think this will be a good summer project, if I stick to it. I may go on to round 2 and then round 3 if round 1 is successful. If anyone else wants to join us with this – great! The usual warnings apply about talking to your health care provider first before starting a new exercise program especially if you have any health issues. I’ll get my daughter to work out with me, and I’ll post regularly on how it is going, since this is the best way for me to stay accountable!. Time to practice what I preach! Somehow I’d rather do another detox diet….