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Going Raw – Day 25

I can eat eggs, fish and meat in one week – good! This has been a rather long vegan month! I have not been feeling creative lately, and I think my protein levels are down. I felt pretty good today, we walked the length of the Cathedral Arts Festival then walked to the Cornwall Center. We avoided the mini donuts, frozen lemonade and especially the fudge on the way. Eating lunch at home just before we left certainly helped. We did stop at Starbucks before hoping on the bus on the way back, I asked for a small strawberry smoothie and drank half. I had hoped it was just berries, but it tasted too sweet, so I decided not to finish it. No ill effects, though.

I have another interesting symptom resolution to report. I have environmental allergies some of which were identified when I was a teen – cats, pollen, grasses, dust and some which I have since identified – mostly other fur bearing animals, some perfumes and some chemicals. I told my daughter last year that she needed to be the sole cleaner of the guinea pig cage since I would have a sneezing fit and my nose would run after doing it. The only time I clean their cage now is on Friday nights or when she is away at camp. I realized last night that the last two Fridays my allergies have not bothered me when I have cleaned their cage. (I don’t think I will mention this to my daughter though!) Nor have I reacted to spring weed pollen. This is wonderful. Amazing how food intolerances and gut dysfunction can have such an effect on respiratory allergies.


Yesterday’s breakfast mix with warmed blueberries and a dash of Agave


Leftover rather yucky curried lentil mix and quinoa with daiya cheese. Still didn’t finish this. Debating about getting rid of the rest by taking it to the church potluck tomorrow.


Strawberry smoothie


Spinach, avocado, chickpea, chive salad