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8 week fitness challenge – Day 2

Last night we did the test portion of the fitness challenge. It was pretty exhausting for both of us, I slept 9 1/2 hours last night! Just shows me how very unfit we are… The first test was how fast we could run/walk a mile. I did this on the treadmill and with no incline I managed 17 minutes and 42 seconds. My thirteen year old did this as well, but kept telling me how very hard it was. She came in at 20 minutes 10 seconds. When I used the treadmill after her, I realized that she hadn’t adjusted the incline, so it was at 5, the maximum setting, the whole time! So I think she did pretty well considering she ran uphill the whole way!

Push-ups from the knee for me was 8, for my daughter 6. Squats for me – 30, daughter 50. Plank 20 sec for me, 1 minute 5 sec for her. I did 17 crunches, she did 10. My flexibility was poor at -9 inches, my daughter reached the tape, so her score was 0.

Our goal for this is not weight loss. In fact we are both a little underweight. We want to develop a habit of fitness, and grow stronger and in my daughter’s case – taller! For me, I want to prevent osteoporosis and the chronic health conditions that can creep up in middle age.