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Going Raw – Day 14

Two weeks into this raw food diet, and I have yet to have a normal day with digestion. Today was pretty bad, the raw oats at breakfast set me off. I ate lightly the rest of the day but made frequent trips to the bathroom and my intestines are still rumbling. I have never been a person to have much trouble this way, but now it feels like I have an irritated bowel. I also weighed myself today, and have lost another pound. I am now at my usual “normal weight” and have no wish to lose more. I think I have detoxed as much as I need or want to on this diet, and that it is time to start including some cooked food. I’ll continue to blog until the end of the month, and I will remain on a vegan diet until then. Here’s what I ate today:


Oat groats, soaked
hemp/sunflower seed milk
maple syrup


Salad from last night


coconut, sunflower seed, cocoa, date balls


cup of hot water with fresh grated ginger