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Going Raw – Day Nine

i had a mostly fantastic day today. My energy level was high, and my mood great until right after supper. At supper I had walnuts and orange. I have been avoiding almonds and lemon, since I don’t seem to tolerate them well, and then I noticed right after supper more gas, then the neck pain which had almost cleared up returned. My lower back was aching and my knees as well. So I will have to scratch those two foods off my list for now. I am sprouting some buckwheat and have some quinoa soaking. I’ll get the quinoa sprouting as well tonight, and then tomorrow evening make some yummy things for the dehydrator. Here’s what I ate today:


Smoothie – banana, mango, carob, sunflower seeds

Lunch – rest of yesterday’s pumpkin seed pate with yellow peppers

Snack – watermelon mint smoothie, Brazil nuts, banana

Supper – sunflower seed, walnut, carrot, parsley, orange juice and spices pate on spinach leaves

Snack – date, mango, sunflower seed, coconut, almond extract balls

Going Raw – Day Eight

day 8 luunchToday was an OK day. Digestion was alright, not fantastic. Not really craving anything yet, but I am making a list of what I will look forward to eating in June. I am much improved nasally. Woke up this morning with hardly any congestion. I also feel lighter and PMS symptoms are better. I am realizing that although our diet was quite healthy before we started this, more and more “treats” were sneaking in. Within a five to ten minute drive of this house we have at least five major grocery stores, two ice cream stores, two drug stores, numerous fast food places. So whenever I leave home I am exposed to multiple visual images of food, most of it not healthy. Our treat of ice cream instead of being once a month at the most started being more like once a week. Chocolate bars were somehow nestling down beside the broccoli and beans in my shopping order. There was Easter, and a birthday, and a short vacation all with celebratory food. It is so difficult for me to keep to a happy medium with junk food. My daughter can ration out a small amount of candy for months, if I have it then it is gone within a few hours, either into the garbage or worse, into me. I am beginning to understand why overweight people go on so many diets. Somehow it is easier to avoid something altogether than to be balanced about eating it. Part of the reason is that sugar will turn off a chemical called leptin which suppresses appetite. When it is turned off, we just want to eat more and more. So my challenge in June will be how to integrate very small amounts of unhealthy food back into my diet, but keep it to very small amounts. At this point I will just be so glad to resume normal, healthy foods that they will taste just as good to me as any junk food! Anyway, here is a picture of my lunch today as well as what I ate:


Blueberries with cashew/banana cream – cashews, water, agave, banana in blender


Large green salad with olives and soaked sunflower seeds


Watermelon Mint smoothie – really good. Three ingredients in the blender – watermelon, fresh mint, water


Pumpkin seed, yellow pepper, nutritional yeast, salt, basil pate
chopped avocado and tomato
orange, dates

Going Raw – Day Five

I felt much better today. Maybe it was the warm, sunny day and the uplifting message at church that helped. I also decided not to try and stuff as many greens into myself as possible each day. My digestive system was not happy. Today I let myself choose the raw foods I felt like eating, and fared much better. Overall fatigue seems a little improved as well. Here is what I ate today:


1/2 cup leftover green smoothie
fruit salad – banana, apple, orange and soaked sunflower seeds


Flax crackers
“mock tuna” – sunflower seeds, celery, dill, lemon, olive oil, onion
red pepper
almond butter


Raw cauliflower
pesto sauce – sunflower seeds, basil, olive oil, garlic
kale chips
date, coconut, carob, mint balls


Brazil nuts
tamari almonds

Going Raw – The Greens

Going Raw - the greens 001I begin my raw diet tomorrow. Today I bought greens enough to last us until Monday, I hope. These are all organic, bought them at Dad’s Organic Grocery. One black kale, one green kale, one collard green, two leaf lettuces, one romaine lettuce and one cilantro. I’ll be adding in lots of other vegetables as well, like sprouts, carrots, avocados, onion, peppers and zucchini, but the leafy greens form the core of the raw food diet. These greens are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, anti-cancer phytochemicals and even, if you eat enough of them, protein. Rotating greens is very important, since they all offer different nutritional benefits, and some of them have a slight action against the thyroid or interfere with calcium absorption. In fact, it is my plan to have lots of variety in all the foods I eat. God made them all unique and with specific nutritional values.