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After Going Raw – a week later

Well, I have been back on my regular diet for a little over a week now, and I wanted to report how it is going. The first day back was a little rough, I was careful not to overdo but after a month of vegan eating my body took some time to adjust to my regular diet. I will be honest and say that my energy is not as high as it was at times during the first two weeks. I also don’t have diarrhea four times a day! I would like to find a way to have that high energy and a normal functioning system, though. Part of it is that this intestinal bacterial imbalance has not yet been treated. I had hoped that just the detox diet would be enough to take care of it, but it was not. I start natural medication for that early next week. I suspect that once it is cleared up, I will have less food intolerances and more energy. When patients see me and say that they are reacting to more and more foods, there is almost always an immune situation going on with the gut. When the gut is healed, the food sensitivities improve immensely and sometimes just disappear.

I am happy to report no fierce cravings for sugar or salt have happened yet. It is still quite easy for me to resist unhealthy foods. I am still enjoying several of the foods from the vegan diet such as the chia porridge and kale chips as well as the coconut amino seeds, just because I plain like them.

Today was fun. I drove down in the pouring rain and met my contest winner at Dad’s Organic Grocery and we spent a delightful hour chatting about healthy food.