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Going Raw – Day 23

My post for yesterday is late. I felt really awful last night, bad headache and vomiting. Went to bed early. Up to then, yesterday was a pretty good day. Energy was moderately good, no nasal symptoms. I stayed away from all grains. About 8:30 pm I started with a mild headache. It felt like eyestrain, and as I had done a lot of reading yesterday, thought that I knew where it was coming from. It wasn’t relieved by closing my eyes, and the intensity built throughout the evening. Finally I crawled into bed, then emptied my stomach a couple of times, the headache disappeared and I could sleep. My daughter figured it out. She had eaten the same food I did yesterday, with one exception. I had a large bowl of kale chips after lunch, she ate only one. Now, these Kale chips are dehydrated, which means that a large bowl is like eating 1/2 a large bunch of fresh kale. Her theory made sense, since something dehydrated will expand to it’s normal size in water, or in this case my stomach. Lesson learned! here’s what I ate yesterday:


Chia pudding with mango


Stew from yesterday
Kale chips


Curry – cauliflower, yellow squash, garlic, pumpkin seeds